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A Gallery is a web page containing a grid of small images that expand into larger images when clicked - it's as simple as that. Show off your products, premises, even your holidays with a gallery page. Have a look at the grid below, you'll see what I mean. All photos are added individually so you can keep control of which images to keep and which to remove or change.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to bore you with some holiday snaps - I had to put something in the gallery...

The banks of the Saone
Lodation Location Location
Coming to a lock
A Vision in France
The main square in Lyon
Crossing the Saone (or maybe the Rhone)
The Lewis & Clark from Event Horizon
Nice Roof!
The only cafe for miles - just as well it's cheap!
Allo Allo
Best seat in the house
Coming into moor
Some great churches here.
Not another sermon...
A small village with a big monument
It's tough, but somebody's gotta do it...
It's the Captain!
Leaving Gray in style
Medieval Church at Auxonne
The church at Auxonne
Don't let go of the rope!
Taking an impromptu shower in Gray
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